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Samrat Bhattacharyya

2014 - 2015
United States of America
MBA, Sloan School of Management

Sam’s venture uses 3-D printing and scanning technology to make custom prosthetic limbs. The business sells printing and scanning technology to hospitals and clinics to produce very low cost and custom prostheses in remote locations and offers training for using the equipment. Sam is introducing 3D printing in remote villages where patients otherwise would have limited access to this kind of technology.

While working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mexico, Sam met a small business owner and amputee who operates a local support organization for individuals who have lost a limb. Together, they created a workshop to make prosthetic limbs. Sam has realized the potential for scaling the technology to make prostheses available worldwide.

Most recently, Sam served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mexico, working on science education projects and piloting 3D printing technology in rural communities. He has previous experience researching the applications of 3D printing for robotics and artificial hands.

Sam holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University. He is an MBA candidate at the Sloan School of Management.