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Paul Orajiaka

2022 - 2023
International Trade and Branding

Paul Orajiaka is the Chief Executive Officer of AULDON LIMITED which is a toys trading firm with head office in Nigeria and subsidiaries companies in United States of America and South Africa. He set up his business from a small corner shop right at the heart of Idumota, the rowdy commercial nerve center of the cosmopolitan city of Lagos when he was just 18 years old having been denied visa to travel to the United State for his first degree.

He got inspired into business having been raised by entrepreneurially inclined parents who were craftsmen and got Paul and his siblings learn the craft skills alongside their formal education while growing up in the oil city of Warri in Delta State of the southern part of Nigeria. These early craft skills will lead Paul into creativity in his toys designs from which emerged Auldon Toy’s internationally recognized flagship product, the Unity Dolls. The Unity dolls is a collection of 14-inch dolls, each representing Africa’s major tribes. The product promotes national unity, cultural pride and delivers empowering social message bordering around the challenges of the girl child, particularly education and their welfare in Africa and the world at large. Auldon Toys is today a leading global player in African theme toys.

Paul has achieved through his African theme dolls, more cultural awareness, national pride, unity amongst ethnic divides and school’s upliftment. Importantly, he has created a product, not just for girls to have dolls that look like them, but also have a positive message. As Paul will say “”the way kids play is the way they shape their world””. His increasing passion for social entrepreneurship led Paul to launch Culture vision initiative through which Unity dolls pass talent, inspiring and excellent positive social attributes to the African girl child because a happy, inspired childhood creates happy, inspired and powerful women.

Paul’s business operates globally off from Lagos, Nigeria where Auldon Limited head office is situated. One key plus or advantage Lagos has is the fact that it is the commercial nerve center of Nigeria and West Africa at large. Also, Nigeria’s huge population and baby boom is a key success factor for businesses operating in the kid’s industry.


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