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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship


The Legatum Center supports entrepreneurs all around the world through the Fellowships and Grants

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Mohamed Amr El Tayeb

2022 - 2023

After working as a neurosurgeon in both private & public sector healthcare systems, Amr decided that the personal satisfaction was very fulfilling but the overall impact was not. He decided to pursue an endeavor with a focus on healthcare, economics, and technology.

He started first in the public sector, initiating the fundraising, set up, operations, and financial sustainability of the first head trauma ICU in one of the largest university hospitals. He moved on to the developmental sector were he participated in the set up of 3 medical centers, 1 hospital, and more than 10 other polyclinics across the nation serving the underprivileged. With a diverse experience in healthcare but still seeing need on a larger scale, he founded Smart Medical Services, which has been able to leverage both product innovation for different populations based on their needs and local home grown agile technology to apply the concepts of value-based care and adequate resource utilization in different segments of society. By providing low cost healthcare systems for both corporates and individuals, Smart Medical Services is providing more access at affordable cost.


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