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Itai Zlotnik

2016 - 2017
Legatum Fellow
MBA Sloan School of Management

Developing countries vulnerable to extreme flooding, drought, and other impacts of unpredictable weather events need reliable, accurate climate information and data in order to protect their economies and communities. ClimaCell, creates the world’s most accurate weather data analyses, using the power of cellular networks. It allows developing countries to leapfrog current technologies and access accurate weather monitoring technology, with zero capital investment. ClimaCell serves farmers, businesses, and governments with tailored weather predictions to improve decision making, save money and protect lives.

Itai served in the Israeli Special Forces where accurate weather data was a critical part of pre-mission intelligence and could determine a mission’s success or failure. While an undergrad studying Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, Itai looked for projects in the weather field and was fortunate to meet Professor Messer, who was developing this revolutionary weather technology, and they decided to look for partners for commercializing the technology.

Prior to Sloan, Itai worked at Apple Inc. as a software development engineer and a team leader advisor. There he directed and implemented software automations for Apple’s mobile products. While working at Apple, he was also part of Professor Messer’s research group doing research on ClimaCell Technology. Itai served for six years as a special tactics officer, a Major, in an elite commando unit of the Israeli Defense Force. Before beginning his military service, Itai volunteered for one year at a boarding school for children who have been separated from their families.

Itai studied Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. He is a Master of Public Administration candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School and an MBA candidate at the Sloan School of Management.


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