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Harsha Vardhini Pogunul Srinivasalu

2021 - 2022
Legatum Fellow
MBA, Sloan Fellow

After experiencing the effects of her own family’s personal inability to access affordable quality healthcare, Harsha became passionate about removing the sufferings of patients by making healthcare affordable and accessible. In India, a lack of infrastructure and an inadequate number of healthcare workers in government institutions makes healthcare very unaffordable and less accessible to poor and middle-class families. Harsha wants to change this and make quality healthcare accessible to all by bringing, CARE365.AI Suite to India and, eventually, to the rest of the world. Globally, healthcare costs are growing rapidly putting a huge strain on economies and societies. Harsha does not believe the solution to this problem lies in increasing doctors or hospitals but rather to use systems thinking and innovative disruption. Harsha’s venture Vizzhy(CARE365.AI Suite) focuses on solving the healthcare conundrum.

As a Computer Science engineer, Harsha has a strong foundation in software and hardware technologies. She brings 16 years of experience in software technology, including managing a global team of more than 100 engineers across North America, South America, Australia, and India. She volunteered as a doctor’s assistant in a rural medical clinic in India and led a team of nine, to raise funds, purchase, and distribute medicines to 400 people in rural communities. Harsha is a 2022 Sloan School of Management MBA candidate.



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