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David Miranda Nieves

2019 - 2020
PhD, Health, Sciences, & Technology

David’s venture, Floricola, is developing a novel, sustainable, and cost-saving method of preserving cut-flower quality and reducing spoilage during transport comparable to that of the current state of the art, cold-chain transport. His solution consists of natural biopolymer coatings that can be easily applied on the surface of flowers without affecting physical properties. The venture’s mission is to empower growers, distributors, and end-point businesses in Colombia, the largest producer of roses in the world, by increasing revenue and exportation radii to remote markets.

David obtained a Bachelor’s degree from MIT in Material Science and Engineering, and is currently completing a PhD in Biomaterials. He grew up in Puerto Rico and has always maintained a strong desire to establish technology-based ventures in Latin America. He believes that his venture can one day help improve the lives of hundreds of flower growers in South America and the world.