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Caroline Howe

2012 - 2014
Legatum Fellow
United States of America
Waste Management
MCP, School of Architecture & Planning

Caroline Howe’s business focuses on enabling entrepreneurs to transform non-recyclable waste streams into high-quality building materials and durable goods. In addition to providing communities in India with technological tools for waste management, her project will help communities identify effective models for waste separation and management for higher value wastes like plastics, glass and organics. The end result is that non-recycled items such as plastic bags and disposable packaging will be used in the manufacture of products such as desks and chairs, and existing recycling practices will be improved.

Caroline has considerable experience in the fields of international development and climate change. She worked in various capacities in Honduras, Costa Rica, the Philippines, South Africa and Nepal before settling in India for four years. In India, she started the Climate Solutions Project in partnership with the Indian Youth Climate Network. She also co-founded a renewable energy distribution company, which trained entrepreneurs to disseminate solar lanterns.

Caroline is currently an MCP candidate at the MIT School of Architecture in the Urban Studies and Planning Department. Prior to joining MIT, Caroline received her BS from Yale University in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering.