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Akorfa Dagadu

2023 - 2024
Waste Management
Bachelor of Science Chemical-Biological Engineering

Akorfa is an exceptional entrepreneur driven by her deep passion for environmental sustainability and a strong sense of social responsibility. Her personal experiences and cultural background have shaped her deep connection to Ghana and its pressing plastic waste challenges. Inspired by the need for a comprehensive solution, Akorfa founded Ishara, a social enterprise that aims to revolutionize the plastic waste value chain in developing countries, starting with Ghana.
The venture harnesses the power of technology to create a closed-loop system that connects all stakeholders involved in the process. Ishara aims to facilitate seamless communication and coordination between waste generators, pickers, and recycling companies, thus, streamlining the plastic waste collection, sorting, and recycling, promoting efficiency, transparency, and traceability.

Recognizing the market opportunity and the urgent need for sustainable waste solutions, Akorfa has strategically positioned Ishara to address developing countries’ specific challenges. By targeting Ghana as the initial market, she aims to create a scalable model that can be replicated in other similar contexts.
Before joining MIT, Akorfa actively engaged in various sustainability projects. She volunteered as a project lead for Project Effishent, focusing on combating malnutrition in school children through a hydroponics system. She also contributed to initiatives aimed at restoring fisheries and mangroves in Ghana, creating awareness about mangrove protection, and developing training programs for sustainable fish farming practices.
With Ishara, Akorfa has a bold vision for the future – one where plastic waste is effectively managed, local communities are empowered, and sustainability is prioritized.


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