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The Zambezi Prize

Zambezi Prize

The MIT Zambezi Prize for Innovation in Financial Inclusion

The Zambezi Prize is a $200K prize that was established by the MIT Legatum Center in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation to unearth, inspire and celebrate Africa’s most promising and innovative early-stage start-ups that help advance financial inclusion. The top prize awards US$100,000 to Africa’s most promising early-stage start-up that is solving a major financial inclusion challenge in the most innovative way. Prize finalists are eligible to receive additional cash prizes and for a chance to attend MIT’s acclaimed Entrepreneurship Development Program, a week-long immersive executive program at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
The Prize will also honor one African leader with a Legatum Leadership Award for his or her extraordinary contribution to African entrepreneurship. In total, the Zambezi Prize will award US$200,000 in cash prizes to entrepreneurs from the continent. Visit the Zambezi Website.

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