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MCI Bootcamp FAQs


Who should apply to participate in the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is best suited for early-stage entrepreneurs who are in the process of piloting or refining an idea that seeks to solve a problem for a majority of people in a region. (We encourage founders to apply). Participants must have, or plan to have, ventures in one or more of the seven partner countries.

How do participants apply and what is the eligibility criteria?

Participants can apply on our website. At this time we’re considering all early-stage entrepreneurs with a vested interest in generating prosperity in their region.

Do I need to be working in a specific sector or industry to apply? 

No. Market-creating innovation principles can be applied to any industry or sector and entrepreneurs from all sectors are welcome to apply.

Do I need to have an established business or experience as an entrepreneur?

No. No prior work experience is required.

Do I have to be from a specific location?

The Bootcamp will initially be available to participants with a business idea, or existing business, operating in one of these seven countries: Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda. 

Do I need to speak English to participate?

Yes, the Bootcamp will be conducted in English. Participants will need to be comfortable reading and speaking English.


What is the required time commitment for participants?

The full Bootcamp is made up of eight sessions that will last approximately 90 minutes each. Participants can expect to spend an additional 60-90 minutes preparing for each session. The eight sessions will be offered over the course of a few days.

Is there a cost to participate?

The cost of participation is $1,999, however, through a generous grant from the Mastercard Foundation, the Bootcamp will be free for all participants accepted into the program. If selected, it is expected that participants can fulfill the time requirements and will complete the full Bootcamp.

Where will the Bootcamp be located?
Bootcamp locations will include Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda. All Bootcamp sessions will be virtual until it is safe to offer them in-person.

If the Bootcamp isn’t being offered in my region, can I expect one to be held in the future and how do I get notified about future Bootcamp locations?

While the program is initially limited to the seven African countries listed above, we do hope to offer the Bootcamp in other regions soon. To stay informed about new regions and offerings please complete this interest form.

What equipment or resources do I need to be able to participate?

Participants will need access to the internet and a device with video-conferencing capabilities.

What if I have a poor or unstable internet connection in my area?

We are working to recruit partnering organizations in each country where the Bootcamp will be hosted. These partners may be able to help provide access to stable connections or resources for participants to be able to participate virtually.

Are case studies and practical examples included in the program?

Yes. The Bootcamp is designed to be practical and applicable to actual business ideas and ventures. Real-world case studies are a critical component of the curriculum.

After completing the Bootcamp, will I be able to build market-creating innovations?

Ideally, yes. Our goal is that after completing the Bootcamp, you will be able to think about your business idea or product differently. You will receive practical tools and training to apply to your business idea or venture. Not all ventures may be market-creating by nature, but through this Bootcamp you should be able to better identify market-creating innovation opportunities and design business models for them.

Will there be mentorship and networking opportunities for participants?

Yes, our vision for the Bootcamp extends beyond the curriculum and learning sessions. Participants will join a community of entrepreneurs and other ecosystem stakeholders. Mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and investors will be included as part of participation. Additional networking events and opportunities will also be offered.

How can investors, academic institutions, and other organizations get involved?

There are many opportunities for other stakeholders to support and engage in the Bootcamp. If you are not an early-stage entrepreneur but are interested in getting involved with the MCI Bootcamp community, please contact us at

Who is designing and offering the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp curriculum was designed jointly by the Clayton Christensen Institute and The Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship at MIT. The Bootcamp will be facilitated by teams from both the Christensen Institute and the Legatum Center. The entire Bootcamp program has been generously supported by the Mastercard Foundation.