Fellow COVID-19 Responses

Caitlin Dolkart, 2015-16 Fellow, Co-Founder of rescue.co: Caitlin’s company rescue.co, a Nairobi, Kenya-based subscription platform for ambulance and emergency services, is offering PPE and COVID-19 testing training to the 600 nurses and paramedics within its network.

Anatole Menon-Johansson, 2019-2020 Fellow, Founder of SXT: Anatole’s venture SXT—an app that allows individuals diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases to anonymously inform partners of infection and points of care—has recently developed a COVID-19 contact tracing app called CVT​ to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Cory Siskind, 2016-18 Fellow, Founder of Base Operations: Cory’s company Base Operations, a platform that provides street-level threat data to help companies keep their global workforce and operations secure, has developed a COVID-19 Resource Platform—a real-time mapping tool that displays information on diagnoses, deaths, and recovered cases, as well as other information such as the location of hospital and ICU beds.

Genevieve Barnard Oni (2018-19 Fellow) and Soga Oni (2015-16 Fellow), Co-Founders of MDaaS Global: Genevieve and Soga’s company MDaaS Global​, which builds and operates tech-enabled diagnostic centers focused on providing care to low- and middle-income patients, has recently built Nigeria’s first booth-based mass testing site, in addition to publishing a guide for setting up mass COVID-19 testing sites in an effort to increase testing capacity across Nigeria.