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Impact Investing: How Digitization is Reshaping Investing in Africa

January 19, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

The MIT Social Entrepreneurship Alumni Group (SEAG) invites you to join us for a conversation about digital investment revolution in emerging market with Jim Chu, CEO of Untapped.

Digitization is changing how businesses operate in emerging markets.  Whether it is pay-as-you-go solar or better lending through mobile credit scores, innovation is enabling new business to serve local financing needs.  A complementary revolution is happening on the investor side as well.  Digital platforms are making it easier, cheaper, and more accessible for individual investors to invest in asset classes that were once only available to the very rich.  This includes impact investing and investing in faraway markets.  The dual shifts are opening an opportunity to reshape how we invest, who we invest in, who has access to capital, and who will drive the economic destiny of entire continents.

Don’t miss this webinar if you are a social entrepreneur who wants to find out about a new fundraising option, an individual investor looking to invest in emerging market economies, or anyone who is interested in development economics.


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