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Sunil Khandbahale

2015 - 2016
Legatum Fellow
MBA, Sloan School of Management breaks language barriers in multilingual countries like India by allowing users to translate local texts to major languages. Students may use the website to translate educational texts from English to their native language and businesses use the service to engage in commerce. Sunil’s vision is to build a seamless translation platform for all world languages so that anyone in the world may communicate with anyone else.

Until the age of 14, Sunil communicated exclusively in Marathi, a native language of India. Upon entering high school, he found it difficult to study English texts and almost gave up his pursuit of higher education until a professor gave him an English dictionary. Inspired by how the dictionary allowed him to understand his English textbooks, he learned coding and built multilingual digital dictionaries in 22 Indian languages with an extensive vocabulary of 10 million words.

Sunil is an innovator, entrepreneur and connector of people and ideas through language. In addition to founding the multilingual translation platform, he is also the founder of the Global Prosperity Foundation, a not-for-profit working for rural education and development. The organization solves local challenges by engaging students, professors, and industry experts in impact entrepreneurship.

Sunil holds a Masters in Business Studies and post-graduate degree in Business Management from the University of Pune. He also holds an Instrumentation Engineering Diploma from the Board of Technical Examinations, Mumbai. He is an MBA candidate and Sloan Fellow in the Program in Innovation and Global Leadership at the Sloan School of Management.



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