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Quadri Oguntade

Mastercard Foundation 2019 - 2020
Consumer Goods
MBA, Sloan School of Management

Quadri’s venture, Bright Future, aims to improve the educational experience of students across Africa. His initial product “Firefly Pen” – pens equipped with a LED bulb projecting light on surfaces – allows students in areas where access to electricity is limited to study and read in the dark, thus providing them with an alternative light source. The Firefly Pen is intuitive, reusable, and durable. The pen serves as an indispensable product for every student living in household with limited access to electricity. As a Nigerian native whose educational experience was negatively impacted because of limited access to electricity, he is passionate about developing innovative products and services that transform education for millions of people across Africa.

Quadri formerly worked as a Management and Technology consultant at Deloitte, where he helped Fortune 100 organizations innovate, transform and use data analytics to bring bold strategies to life. In his spare time, he serves as a volunteer at Engineers Without Borders where he helped design a renewable energy system that powers a library used by 1,600 villagers living in Panama who lack access educational resources.

Quadri earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the North Carolina State University and will be pursuing his MBA candidate at the MIT Sloan School of Management.