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Michel Mosse

Mastercard Foundation 2018 - 2020
MBA, Sloan School of Management

Michel is the founder of Inlara, an early-stage company dedicated to partnering with trade schools and students to advance the pursuit of meaningful careers and economic prosperity.

Michel is a full-time MBA student at MIT Sloan School of Management and the driving force behind bringing his vision and company to life.
Michel was born of Argentinean parents and raised in a contractor family devoted to the construction industry. Michel leveraged his insight into blue-collar work and blue-collar workers to found an e-learning platform centered on teaching vocational skills. This platform touched the lives of 4,000 students in three years.
His work in expansion and growth for gig economy platforms such as Uber and OLX, advanced Michel’s insight and understanding of the needs and challenges around the complexities of generating a sustainable income. It was this experience and more that shaped Michel’s vision for Inlara.

Michel pursued an education at MIT to expand his impact on education. He was awarded a Legatum Fellowship at MIT, and the HILT grant at Harvard. He recently presented Inlara at the Future of Education conference in Colombia