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Marinella Pinate

2021 - 2022
Legatum Fellow
Financial Services
MBA, Sloan School of Management

Marinella’s inspiration for Zumma comes from her own experience and relationship with personal finances. Marinella grew up in Venezuela not knowing anything about personal finances. She watched how her mother’s lack of financial literacy and fear of investing limited her ability to grow her family’s wealth. After six years of working in fintech, helping to grow the digital consumer bank at Goldman Sachs, and launch a Mexican-based fintech startup, Marinella realized that her mother was not alone. She recognized that there was a pronounced problem within the Latin American middle class, where people lacked the financial tools and knowledge to make the right choices for their financial stability and future.

Thus, Zumma was born with the mission to democratize personal finance, starting with saving and investing. Zumma is a digital financial platform that allows its members to save and invest in domestic and international markets by making saving and investing simple, transparent, and social. Tackling an $18 billion opportunity within the Spanish-speaking Latin American millennial middle class, Marinella believes that money should not be a taboo subject. Instead, she believes that the more open people are about money the better decisions they can make about their financial future. Marinella is a 2022 Sloan School of Management MBA candidate.



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