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Kendall Nowocin

2016 - 2017
United States of America
PhD, School of Engineering

Kendall’s venture, CoolCrop, helps farmers at the base of the pyramid realize opportunities for improving their productivity and incomes. CoolCrop increases the small farmers’ productivity with solar powered cold storage units that reduce crop waste and increase profits by preserving fresh crops. The market analytics tool predicts the optimal price and market for farmers to maximize their profits.

Kendall’s experience in co-founding Gridform, which uses satellite imagery to identify rural villages in developing countries, and installs microgrids to bring energy access to those in India, Ethiopia, and Haiti led to the idea of CoolCrop. While installing the microgrids in the region of Bihar, India, Kendall and his co-founders started a discussion on food waste. Having grown up on a farm, Kendall has experience with agriculture and crop logistics.

Kendall is a certified Engineer in Training with extensive work experience in manufacturing and automation at Robert Bosch, LLC. He is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Engineering.