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Gabriel Mijares

2021 - 2022
Legatum Fellow
Financial Services
MBA, Sloan School of Management

Gabriel’s personal inspiration for Mirlo stems from his experience interacting with the employees of family-owned businesses in Mexico. He witnessed their financial struggles to make ends meet and observed how they lacked the adequate resources to improve their financial health.

Mirlo allows employees to access their earned wages on demand. Through Mirlo, Gabriel aims to break the traditional bi-weekly pay cycle because he believes employees should be able to access their hard-earned cash when they need it. Mirlo will serve Mexico’s SME market made up of 4.2 million SMEs, which contribute to 50% of Mexico’s GDP and generate 70% of Mexico’s formal employment, totaling 14 million potential users. Mirlo will help its users by being a financial lifeline for those who need it most – lower and middle-class employees – when an unexpected expense arises.

Gabriel’s vision for Mirlo was influenced by his time working with JPMorgan Private Bank. While there, he realized he wanted to provide similar if not better access to financial education and products to Mexico’s unbanked population as JPMorgan so diligently provides to its clients. Gabriel’s goal has always been to become an entrepreneur. He is currently an MBA Candidate at the Sloan School of Management.



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