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Bolanle Austen-Peters

2022 - 2023
Tourism & Entertainment

Over the years during her travels, while in the employ of the United Nations, Bolanle Austen-Peters observed a gap in the effective utilization of African indigenous culture as a valuable cultural property and global export commodity. She was awoken to the fact that our rich heritage had become largely devalued and knew something had to be done to turn the tide. In searching for a solution to this problem she also considered that whatever initiative she embarked on had to be designed to empower as many people as possible and to this end, She developed a one-stop location to experience several facets of Nigerian culture under one roof which served as a means of bringing people together to appreciate and become better acquainted with their culture and heritage.

Terra Kulture has organized over 300 art exhibitions, and 200 stage productions, produced multiple award-winning plays and films and hosted over 70 book readings. It is a prime location for tours and excursions incorporating language, art, dance, and music lessons. The Terra Academy For The Arts in partnership with MasterCard Foundation is set up to provide training in film and theatre skills to empower young Nigerian creatives and connect them to paying jobs for free.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with the largest economy and a fast-growing youth population which positions companies in it with a central role to play in shaping the development of the continent.


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