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Audrey Cheng

Mastercard Foundation 2021 - 2022
Foundry Fellow
United States of America

Audrey is the founder, past CEO and current board member of Moringa School, an education organization she started to transform higher education in Africa. During her seven years leading Moringa School, Audrey built and led a team of over 100 people to train over 4000 students in Kenya and Rwanda resulting in an average 85% job placement rate, together they launched 3 high-quality, proven courses and engaged over 100 employers.

Audrey is inspired to pursue entrepreneurship to solve meaningful problems that create more equity and access to quality products and services. She believes that building a business in an emerging market like Kenya is unique, in that successful companies must learn how to succeed without a plethora of available data and innovate in white space that has yet to be filled by other companies. Over the next 3-5 years, Audrey plans to pair her experience with new lessons from mentors to hone best practices and incorporate new frameworks of leadership into building a new venture in East Africa. She also aims to support policymakers to work more closely with the private sector and investors to formulate cohesive strategies to spur growth and employment opportunities.



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