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Aly El Shalakany

2022 - 2023
Private Equity and Microfinance

Aly has always strived to be a positive contributor to his community and was drawn to entrepreneurship as a way to provide solutions to essential problems that can result in both a financial return as well as a positive impact on society.

His entrepreneurial journey formally began when he cofounded Cairo Angels, the first angel network in Africa, in 2011. From humble beginnings, the Cairo Angels has grown to over 100 members, invested in over 40 companies and achieved 5 exits. In addition, Cairo Angels launched an Impact division that works with multinationals, banks, governments and NGOs to launch innovation and impact partnerships and programs to support ecosystems across the world.

When you consider Africa today, there are challenges across various areas, be it access to finance, affordable healthcare, quality education, sustainable transport and many other areas that are in urgent need of repair or building from scratch. These challenges present exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs operating in our region.


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