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MDaaS – Featured in the Huffington Post

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Sitting in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate course, Development Ventures, in the fall of 2014, Oluwasoga Oni was challenged to come up with a scalable solution to a problem affecting more than a billion people. Oluwasoga recalled visiting the hospital his father operates in a small town in Ondo State, Nigeria, just a few months earlier. During the hospital visit, he was surprised to see a pile of broken-down medical equipment rusting in the dust. His father, like many doctors across sub-Saharan Africa, struggles to afford high-quality medical equipment and instead settles for cheaper, substandard alternatives more prone to breakdowns. Furthermore, lack of trained biomedical technicians available in Nigeria means that when a device breaks down, it’s likely to stay that way. As a result, more than 40% of all medical equipment in developing countries like Nigeria is currently out of service.

Audrey Henkels

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