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Sidhant Pai

2013 - 2014
Waste Management
BS, School of Engineering

Sidhant Pai believes that it was his work with the MIT D-Lab that helped him realize the importance of grassroots initiatives in developing countries. And this, in turn, led to the formation of the company he cofounded, ProtoPrint Solutions.

The goal of ProtoPrint Solutions is to empower India’s urban waste pickers by creating a hybrid value chain that will give them the technology to produce 3D printer filament from waste plastic. This eco-friendly filament is used to provide low-cost, rapid prototyping services to Indian students and professionals. The services that ProtoPrint Solutions provides can go far towards replacing the lesser quality, higher cost, and more time-consuming means of prototyping currently available in the region.

As an undergraduate, the majority of Sidhant’s experience has focused on research and internships ranging from measuring smog emissions from Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii to designing and developing a low cost solar cell phone charger in Nicaragua. Sidhant is currently a fourth-year undergraduate at MIT. He is pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Economics. His interests lie in the areas of climate change and environmental policy.