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Rei Goffer

2016 - 2017
MBA Sloan School of Management

ClimaCell is the world’s most accurate weather data capture and analysis system. The venture uses the power of cellular networks to protect the economies and communities of India, and other developing countries, from extreme flooding, drought, and climate events. With zero capital investment, ClimaCell’s data analysis and imaging service give consumers access to forecast updates and precise weather maps. The ClimaCell solution enables farmers, business, and governments to make informed decisions that save money and protect individuals whose lives and livelihoods are vulnerable to extreme weather events.

While serving as a fighter jet pilot in the Israeli Air Force, Rei dealt with difficult weather on a daily basis. Weather was a big part of his life, and the lack of accurate weather data was one of the biggest threats he experienced. He is committed to reducing the consequences of weather related uncertainty around the world.

Rei has contributed to the business development and intellectual property projects of the Open Agriculture Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. During his military service, Rei mentored underprivileged youth in an emergency shelter in Tel Aviv.

Before pursuing his graduate studies, Rei was a Captain in the Israeli Air Force, where he served as an F16-I pilot and a project manager in the research and development department. Rei is a dual degree candidate MBA/MPA student at MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. At school he is focused on entrepreneurship and strategy.