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Oluwasoga Oni

The Mastercard Foundation 2015 - 2016
SDM, School of Engineering and Sloan School of Management

Oluwasoga’s business venture, MDaaS, improves the quality of healthcare in Nigeria by leasing diagnostic and treatment equipment to hospitals for a monthly fee. MDaaS also offers maintenance services and training for medical technicians to reduce equipment downtime, ensure that devices are used efficiently, and maximize patients’ access to life-saving diagnostic tools. Through its capacity building programs, MDaaS is educating a cohort of skilled medical technicians.

During a visit to a hospital in Nigeria, Oluwasoga stumbled upon a room filled with devices in need of basic repairs. After further research, he discovered that such rooms are common in Nigerian hospitals because of the high costs of acquiring and maintaining equipment. MDaaS is Oluwasoga’s solution for hospital administrators facing the challenges of maintaining equipment and Nigerian patients seeking reliable healthcare.

Before MIT, Oluwasoga worked as a software engineer for a large multi-national data storage organization. As part of a rotational program for high-performing engineers, he worked in both engineering and technical sales teams. He learned how to evaluate product design from the nuanced views of engineers and clients. These insights have been instrumental in planning MDaaS.

Oluwasoga holds a Bachelor’s in Information and Communication Technology from Covenant University in Ogun, Nigeria and a Master’s in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Computer Networks from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He is pursuing a Master’s in System Design and Management from the School of Engineering and the Sloan School of Management.