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Aukrit Unahalekhaka

The Mastercard Foundation 2015 - 2016
SDM, School of Engineering and Sloan School of Management

Ricult improves the livelihoods of Thailand’s 25 million smallholder farmers by teaching organic growing techniques, connecting farmers with credit markets to purchase high-quality inputs, and giving them direct access to produce buyers. With a business education component, Ricult teaches farmers how to think like entrepreneurs. By integrating mobile applications into the education model, Ricult empowers farmers with knowledge via daily SMS communications on current market prices for produce.

Having grown up in a family of farmers in Thailand, Aukrit has direct knowledge of the challenges that smallholder producers face. He is committed to creating scaled-down cost-efficient methods from available technologies to improve yields, market access, and transparency in pricing. Through Ricult’s services, Aukrit is promoting sustainability and improving livelihoods for rural farmers.

As a consultant in Accenture’s Boston office, Aukrit worked with Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications, technology, and retail sectors. Prior to Accenture, he was a software engineer at Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley. Aukrit also co-founded a leading cloud-based enterprise software and consulting company in Thailand. The company is currently one of the top and Google partners in Southeast Asia. He is the Co-President of the MIT Sloan Southeast Asia Club.

Aukrit holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and a Master’s in Operations Research from Cornell University. Aukrit is pursuing a Master’s in System Design Management from the School of Engineering and the Sloan School of Management.